Boys Swimming

(Boys Swimming does not hold a STAC Championship meet.)

2021-2022 STAC All-Stars
West All-Division
Cullin Cole (Horseheads, jr.); Xuyan Dong (Ithaca, sr.); David Guan (Ithaca, sr.); Creed Hacket (Elmira, soph.); Emmett Hanson (Horseheads, sr.); Spencer Hwang-Geddes (Ithaca, soph.); Shoonfon Li (Horseheads, soph.); Ryan McNutt (Corning, sr.); Joshua Scibek (Horseheads, sr.); Aaron Verkleeren (Horseheads, sr.); Keagan Winkky (Horseheads, sr.)

Metro All-Division
Strati Anastos (Maine-Endwell, 8th grade); Carter Czebiniak (Maine-Endwell, soph.); Billy Gorman (Maine-Endwell, jr.); Matt Harlan (Vestal, sr.); Aiden Howard (Binghamton/Seton, sr.); Alex Ioannisci (Maine-Endwell, sr.); Collin Losinger (Union-Endicott, soph.); Jack Olsian (Binghamton/Seton, sr.); Evan Rigal (Johnson City, soph.); Sam Romanosky (Maine-Endwell, sr.); Conner Steele (Maine-Endwell, jr.)

Central All-Division
John Cadden (Chenango Forks, jr.); Adam Gault (Owego, sr.); Landon Goetz (Chenango Forks, jr.); Aiden Hopkins (Chenango Forks, jr.); Brendan Heaney (Chenango Forks, sr.); Caleb McPeek (Chenango Forks, sr.); Evan O’Brien (Chenango Forks, sr.); Jonah Rice (Chenango Valley, jr.); Amir Sadykov (Chenango Valley, soph.); Brendan Samsel (Chenango Forks, sr.); Tyler Schultz (Chenango Valley, soph.)

East All-Division
Alejandro Chavarria (Windsor, sr.); Anthony DiRosa (Susquehanna Valley, jr.); Bastian Dudley (Oneonta, soph.); Elias House (Oneonta, soph.); Stephen Kman (Norwich, sr.); Tanner Krom (Windsor, soph.); Jacob Rollo (Windsor, jr.); Coen Salt (Windsor, jr.); Tom Sorensen (Windsor, sr.); Logan Temming (Oneonta, fresh.); Eli Wright (Windsor, jr.)

2022-2023 Team Previews:

Corning Hawks (Class A)

Head Coach: Alyssa Helsing, 7th year
Key Players: There are many young, talented newcomers to the team
Team Goals: The team size and range of the swimmers is encouraging, which allows for flexibility in the lineup.  Strive for individual progress and be competitive as a team at sectionals.
Last Season: Finished 2nd in Section IV Class A Championship.  Ryan McNutt (100 Freestyle) won Section IV and NYSPHSAA State Championships.  McNutt (200 Freestyle) also won a Section IV Class A Championship and finished 4th in the NYSPHSAA State Championship.  200 Freestyle Relay (Ryan McNutt, Aiden Spoors, Nishant Lahiri, Caden Faulk) and Spoors (500 Freestyle) finished 2nd in the Section IV Class A Championship.

Elmira Express (Class A)
Head Coach: Keith Ess, 4th year
Key Players: Andrew Degnan (sr.), Creed Hackett (jr.), Jan Mayoras (jr.)
Team Goals: Focus on individual goals, set high standards at every competition, and have many swimmers and divers compete at postseason events.
Last Season: Finished 5th in Section IV Class A Championship.  Jacob Rose (100 Breaststroke and 200 Butterfly) finished 2nd.  200 Medley Relay (Creed Hackett, Wesley Taft, Rose, Andrew Degnan), 400 Freestyle Relay (Taft, Hackett, Degnan, Rose), Hackett (1 Meter Diving), and Degnan (100 Freestyle) finished 3rd.

Horseheads Blue Raiders (Class A)
Head Coach: Chris Bankaitis, 1st year
Key Players: Cullin Cole (sr.), Shoonfon Li (jr.), Alex Villegas (sr.), Kegan Monahan (fresh.), Andrew Wood (jr.), Aiden Schooley (sr.), James Fedele (jr.), Devin Sullivan (soph.), Thai Tran (soph.), Kiran Gulati (soph.)
Team Goals: Repeat as Section IV Class A champions and send the 400 Freestyle Relay back to the state meet.  There is a shot at going undefeated in dual meets and invitationals.
Last Season: Won the Section IV Class A Team Championship.  200 Medley Relay (Shoonfon Li, Keagan Winkky, Andrew Schrage, Cullin Cole), 200 Freestyle Relay (Cole, Andrew Schrage, Alex Villegas, Emmett Hanson), 400 Freestyle Relay (Hanson, Villegas, Winkky, Li), Li (200 IM), Cole (50 Freestyle), Hanson (500 Freestyle and 100 Breaststroke), and Aaron Verkleeren (1 Meter Diving) won Section IV Class A Championships.  Hanson (200 Freestyle), Joshua Scibek (1 Meter Diving), and Cole (100 Freestyle) finished 2nd.  Villegas (200 Freestyle) finished 3rd.  Cole (50 Freestyle) and 200 Freestyle Relay finished 5th in the NYSPHSAA State Championships.  400 Freestyle Relay finished 8th.

Ithaca Little Red (Class A)
Head Coach: Jonathan Singer, 2nd year (6th overall)
Key Players: Zach Adams (sr.), Ryan Bascom (sr.), Ivan Chen (sr.), Koen Anderson (fresh.)
Team Goals: Continue building on what we started last year and move forward.  Our sights are set on the Elmira Invitational and sectionals in February.
Last Season: Finished 2nd in Section IV Class A Championship.  Xuyan Dong (100 Butterfly) won a Section IV Class A Championship.  200 Medley Relay (Dong, David Guan, Spencer Hwang-Geddes, Ryan Bascom), 400 Freestyle Relay (Finnegan Buckley, Dong, Hwang-Geddes, Bascom), and Hwang-Geddes (200 IM) finished 2nd.  Bascom (200 IM), Robert Bael (500 Freestyle) and Dong (100 Backstroke) finished 3rd.

Binghamton Patriots (No team preview submitted.)

Johnson City Wildcats (Class B)
Head Coach: Kristen Tocheny, 2nd year (4th overall)
Key Players: Evan Rigal (jr.), Evan Falvey (sr.), Avery Palumbo (jr.), Dylan Sturek (jr.), Miach Penney (jr.)
Team Goals: Win more dual meets and have more athletes qualify for the Section IV Class B Championships.
Last Season: Finished 7th in Section IV Class B Championship.

Maine-Endwell Spartans (Class B)
Head Coach: Chris Verity, 9th year (32nd overall)
Key Players: Strati Anastos (fresh.), Carter Czebiniak (jr.), Billy Gorman (sr.), Connor Steele (sr.)
Team Goals: Win a 12th consecutive Section IV Class B Championship, compete at the state meet, and get ranked as a top 3 program in New York.
Last Season: Won the Section IV Class B Championship.  200 Medley Relay (Strati Anastos, Alex Ioannisci, Billy Gorman, Carter Czebiniak), 400 Freestyle Relay (Conner Steele, Jeff VanAuken, Ryan Derkowski, Anastos), Gorman (200 Freestyle), and Steele (500 Freestyle) won Section IV Class B Championships.  Steele (200 Freestyle), Ioannisci (200 IM and 100 Breaststoke), Gorman (100 Butterfly), Verity (500 Freestyle), Anastos (100 Backstroke), and 200 Freestyle Relay (AJ Blake, Sam Romanosky, Gorman, Czebiniak) finished 2nd.  VanAuken (100 Butterfly and 100 Backstroke), Czebiniak (100 Freestyle), Romanosky (100 Breaststroke) finished 3rd.

Union-Endicott Tigers (Class A)
Head Coach: Doug Peters, 6th year
Key Players: Carson Lyman (sr.), Tyler Bronson (sr.), Austin Dewey (sr.), Matt Cleveland (sr.)
Team Goals: Place in the top 8 in many events at sectionals and qualify for states in a couple events.  Develop an elite work ethic by creating a family-like atmosphere where everyone supports each other.
Last Season: Finished 7th in Section IV Class A Championship. Collin Losinger (100 Butterfly and 100 Breaststroke) finished 3rd.

Vestal Golden Bears (Class A)
Head Coach: Joe Shore, 27th year (38th overall)
Key Players: Nick Cocco (sr.), Tyler Kramer (sr.), Cole DeVantier (sr.), Alex Mills (sr.), Adi Banerjee (jr.), Logan Kim (soph.)
Team Goals: For each kid to train hard and improve as much as possible.
Last Season: Finished 4th in Section IV Class A Championship.  400 Freestyle Relay (Ethan Daviau, Matt Harlan, Nich Cocco, Liam Hill) finished 3rd. 

Chenango Forks Blue Devils (Class C)

Head Coach: Ken Starr, 4th year (5th overall) and Kelly Hillis, 18th year
Key Players: John Cadden (sr.), Aiden Hopkins (sr.)
Team Goals: Support each other as a team and focus on the fundamentals to improve technique.
Last Season: Finished 2nd in Section IV Class C Championship. 200 Medley Relay (Evan O’Brien, Brendan Heaney, Landon Goetz, Caleb McPeek), 400 Freestyle Relay (Goetz, O’Brien, Aiden Hopkins, John Cadden), Heaney (200 IM), McPeek (50 Freestyle), Brenden Samsel (1 Meter Diving), and Cadden (100 Freestyle) won Section IV Class C Championships.  Cadden (50 Freestyle), McPeek (100 Freestyle), and Heaney (100 Breaststroke) finished 2nd.  Hopkins (200 Freestyle), Matthew Kocak (1 Meter Diving), Jacob Zajdel (100 Butterfly), O’Brien (100 Backstroke) finished 3rd.  

Chenango Valley Warriors (Class B)
Head Coach: Charles Frayer, 17th year (34th overall)
Key Players: Tyler Schultz (jr.), Amir Sadykov (jr.), Fin Dolaway (jr.), Dom Scott (jr.)
Team Goals: Compete with Maine-Endwell for the Section IV Class B title, win individual sectional titles, and get some to the state meet.
Last Season: Finished 4th in Section IV Class B Championship.  Tyler Schultz (200 IM and 100 Breaststroke) won Section IV Class B Championships.  400 Freestyle Relay (Fin Dolaway, Amir, Dominick Scott, Schultz) finished 2nd.  Amir Sadykov (200 IM) and 200 Medley Relay (Scott, Schultz, Sadykov, Gabe Tallent) finished 3rd. 

Owego Indians (Class B)
Head Coach: Kyle Lounsberry, 4th year
Key Players: Tyler Krom (sr.), Gabe Snyder (sr.), Magavin Allen (fresh.)
Team Goals: Maintain a high level of sportsmanship.  Learn to self-motivate, as swimmers spend most of their time underwater and need to learn how to put in the work to get better and faster.
Last Season: Finished 6th in Section IV Class B Championship.  Adam Gault (200 Freestyle) finished 3rd.  400 Freestyle Relay (Christina Hodges, Tyler Krom, Gabriel Snyder, Gault) finished 4th.

Seton Catholic Saints (NO TEAM)

Norwich Purple Tornado (Class B)

Head Coach: Gantt Benedict, 1st year
Key Players: Ethan Guzewich (sr.), Timothy Guzewich (fresh.), Kris Deuel (soph.)
Team Goals: With only five on the team, work on proper training, technique, and race pacing.  Place as high as we can and have a good time.
Last Season: Finished 8th in Section IV Class B Championship.

Oneonta Yellow Jackets (Class B)
Head Coach: Teresa Patry, 14th year
Key Players: Elias House (soph.), Logan Temming (soph.), Jason Miller (soph.)
Team Goals: Get House to compete at states.  Complete the season with a winning record.
Last Season: Finished 5th in Section IV Class B Championship.

Susquehanna Valley Sabers (Class C)
Head Coach: Teresa Steflik, 11th year
Key Players: Drew Burkhardt (soph.), Gunner Farber (fresh.), Demetrius Morelock (fresh.), Benjamin Pauline (soph.), Acaydian Salisbury (soph.), Elijah Valentine (soph.)
Team Goals: Build the diving program and a solid base for the future.  The team is mostly freshman and sophomores, but a large number of 8th graders will move up next year.
Last Season: Finished 6th in Section IV Class C Championship.

Windsor Black Knights (Class B)
Head Coach: Justin Maye, 19th year (Diving Coach: Mackenzie Moss)
Key Players: Tanner Krom (jr.), Garrison Calta (jr.), Coen Salt (sr.), Tyler Sienko (sr.), Ryan Forbidussi (sr.), Eli Wright (sr.), Nathan Wickizer (sr.), and Jacob Rollo (sr.)
Team Goals: Achieve our best times at the sectionals meet in February.
Last Season: Finished 3rd in Section IV Class B Championship. Coen Salt (1 Meter Diving) finished 2nd.  200 Freestyle Relay (Connor Saxby, Jacob Rollo, Tanner Krom, Alejandro Chavarria), Frank Peret (1 Meter Diving), and Chavarria (500 Freestyle) finished 3rd.