Girls Basketball

2021-2022 STAC Playoffs

Maine-Endwell 63 – Norwich 41
Elmira 60 – Chenango Valley 45
Elmira 58 – Maine-Endwell 54

2022-2023 STAC Championship
Friday, February 17 at Horseheads

2021-2022 STAC All-Stars
West/Metro All-Conference

Kaety L’Amoreaux (Maine-Endwell, jr.); Jessie DiNardo (Corning, jr.); Jalea Abrams (Elmira, jr.); Megan Fedor (Elmira, sr.); Carly Scott (Horseheads, sr.); Mia Little (Ithaca, jr.); Marisa Smith (Johnson City, soph.)

East/Central All-Conference
Marasia Dyes (Seton, jr.); Margaret Dougher (Norwich, sr.); Emily Evans (Norwich, sr.); Ang McGraw (Oneonta, sr.); Emily Goodstal (Chenango Valley, sr.); Madeline Trisket (Chenango Valley, jr.); Mackenzie Hess (Norwich, sr.)

West All-Division
Alyssa Dobson (Corning); Lauren Miller (Elmira); Kellie Zoerb (Corning); Jayda Felkner (Corning); Sophia Bonnell (Horseheads); Amarionah Dixon (Elmira); Emma Romanski (Horseheads)

Metro All-Division
Adriana Fontana (Union-Endicott); Ali DiPietro (Union-Endicott); Ally Stank (Union-Endicott); Liv Muse (Vestal); Vasilla Anastos (Maine-Endwell); Precious Gabriel (Johnson City); Mariah Luke (Binghamton)

Central All-Division
Erin Derr (Seton); Helena Willis (Chenango Forks); Sadie Zemanick (Chenango Forks); Audra Ackerson (Chenango Forks); Ally O’Connor (Chenango Valley); Maddie Bennett (Owego); Madison McEvoy (Owego)

East All-Division
Emma Peeters (Oneonta); Carmela Belmone (Susquehanna Valley); Abbie Platt (Oneonta); Maddie Morris (Norwich); Heidi Brusso (Susquehanna Valley); Emily Zeh (Oneonta); Lexi Lasicki (Susquehanna Valley)

2022-2023 Team Previews:

Corning Hawks (Class AA)

Head Coach: James Nichols, 2nd year
Key Players: Jenna DiNardo (sr.), Alyssa Dobson (sr.), Jayda Felker (sr.)
Team Goals: Win the Section IV Class AA title and make a run in the state tournament.
Last Season: Defeated Horseheads in Semi-final and Elmira to win Section IV Class AA Championship.  Defeated Warwick in NYSPHSAA Regional Final.  Lost to Bishop Kearney in NYSPHSAA State Semi-final.

Elmira Express (Class AA)
Head Coach: A’Don Allen, 2nd year
Key Players: Jalea Abrams (sr.), Ja’Nyah Harris (sr.), Payton Ross (sr.), Ellie Clearwater (jr.)
Team Goals: Get better each game, work hard, and compete for a Section IV Class AA Championship.
Last Season: Won STAC West division.  Defeated Chenango Valley in Semi-final and Maine-Endwell to win STAC Championship.  Lost to Corning in Section IV Class AA Championship.

Horseheads Blue Raiders (Class A)
Head Coach: Andy Scott, 24th year
Key Players: Sophia Bonnell (jr.), Megan Wolf (soph.), Emma Kamas (soph.), Madisyn Matkosky (jr.), Molly Wolf (sr.), Jordyn Gross (soph.)
Team Goals: Be mentally and physically ready to compete, get better each day, win the STAC West division, and the Section IV Class A title.  It’s a young group, but were very dedicated in the offseason and want to improve.
Last Season: Lost to Corning in Section IV Class AA Semi-final.

Ithaca Little Red (Class AA)
Head Coach: Sydney Trumble, 2nd year
Key Players: Mia Little (sr.), Maddy Little (soph.), Sophia Escalante (jr.)
Team Goals: Focus every day to build a positive team culture where we are supportive, proud, and the best versions of ourselves.  Focus on the daily tasks at hand, knowing with discipline and hard work, we can compete with any team.
Last Season: Did not qualify for sectionals. 

Binghamton Patriots (Class AA)

Head Coach: Willie Fann, 7th year
Key Players: Sugar Williams (jr.), Mariah Luke (jr.), Olivia Ackerson (sr.), Melody Fann (soph.)
Team Goals: Make sectionals and create a bit more noise this year.
Last Season: Did not qualify for sectionals.

Johnson City Wildcats (Class A)
Head Coach: Tim Talcott, 4th year
Key Players: Marisa Smith (jr.), Emma Phelan (soph.), Precious Gabriel (sr.)
Team Goals: Win the Section IV Class A title and advance to states.
Last Season: Defeated Vestal in Semi-final, lost to Maine-Endwell in Section IV Class A Championship.

Maine-Endwell Spartans (Class A)
Head Coach: Brianna Thompson, 5th year
Key Players: Kaety L'Amoreaux (sr.), Anna Fellows (jr.), Sydney Yonkoski (jr.), Kaylee Hurba (fresh.), Ania Bayiat (jr.), Kathryn Napierela (jr.)
Team Goals: Develop the new players and teach them our level of play.  Keep developing their raw skills and team dynamics to become smoother on the court together.  Be determined and committed to take this team as far as possible.  
Last Season: Won STAC Metro division.  Defeated Norwich in Semi-final, lost to Elmira in STAC Championship.  Defeated Union-Endicott in Semi-final and Johnson City to win Section IV Class A Championship.  Lost to Wallkill in NYSPHSAA Subregional.

Union-Endicott Tigers (Class A)
Head Coach: Michael Howell, 8th year
Key Players: Ali DiPietro (sr.), Jaiden Williams (sr.), Liv Guccia (sr.), Neroj Barwari (sr.), Adriana Fontana (jr.), Ally Stank (jr.)
Team Goals: Improve from the first game to the last game.  Sometimes the results don’t match the progress you’ve made, so focus on the improvement.
Last Season: Lost to Maine-Endwell in the Section IV Class A Semi-final.

Vestal Golden Bears (Class A)
Head Coach: Nick Anderson, 3rd year (4th overall)
Key Players: Carmella DiRenzo (sr.), Kate Reyen (jr.), Gabby Kwiatkowski (jr.)
Team Goals: We have a young, talented group.  Understand the preparation it takes to be successful.  Get better each day and put ourselves in position to compete with anyone.
Last Season: Lost to Johnson City in Section IV Class A Semi-final.

Chenango Forks Blue Devils (Class B)

Head Coach: Michael Curtis, 3rd year
Key Players: Helena Willis (sr.), Maggie Warpus (fresh.), Alyssa Specchio (jr.)
Team Goals: Continue to improve daily, make a postseason run, and form unity.
Last Season: Lost to Chenango Valley in Section IV Class B Quarterfinal.

Chenango Valley Warriors (Class B)
Head Coach: Ryan Hayes, 4th year (22nd overall)
Key Players: Tessa McEnaney (sr.), Madeline Trisket (sr.), Madelyn Hayes (soph.)
Team Goals: Continue to progress and play good basketball.  Win the STAC Central and make a deep run in sectionals like last year.
Last Season: Won STAC Central Division.  Lost to Elmira in STAC Semi-final.  Defeated Chenango Forks in Quarterfinal and Oneonta in Semi-final, lost to Norwich in Section IV Class B Championship.

Owego Indians (Class B)
Head Coach: Luke McEvoy, 7th year (16th overall)
Key Players: Madison McEvoy (soph.), Taylor Dalton (jr.), Ava Brown (jr.), Maddie Bennett (sr.)
Team Goals: Win the STAC Central division and make a run in sectionals. 
Last Season: Did not qualify for sectionals.

Seton Catholic Saints (Class B)
Head Coach: Loic Sebuharara, 2nd year
Key Players: Erin Derr (jr.), Alexandra Back (soph.)
Team Goals: Learn, grow as a team, and compete every night.  We are very young, but have talent throughout.
Last Season: Lost to Waverly in Section IV Class B Quarterfinal.

Norwich Purple Tornado (Class B)

Head Coach: Dennis Eaton, 1st year (7th overall)
Key Players: Cameron Van Houton (sr.), Olivia Schiraldi (jr.)
Team Goals: Compete at a high level, compete for a divisional title, and compete for a sectional title.
Last Season: Won STAC East division.  Lost to Maine-Endwell in STAC Semi-final.  Defeated Whitney Point in Quarterfinal, Waverly in Semi-final, and Chenango Valley to win Section IV Class B Championship.  Lost to General Brown in NYSPHSAA Regional Final.

Oneonta Yellow Jackets (Class B)
Head Coach: Matt Miller, 13th year (19th overall)
Key Players: Abbie Platt (sr.), Megan Cleveland (sr.), Jordan Bellinger (soph.)
Team Goals: Improve each week as the season progresses and play competitively in sectionals.  We are a very young team with four of the nine players being sophomores.
Last Season: Defeated Susquehanna Valley in Quarterfinal, lost to Chenango Valley in Section IV Class B Semi-final.

Susquehanna Valley Sabers (Class B)
Head Coach: Chad Freije, 14th year
Key Players: Brynn Hogan (sr.), Heidi Brusso (jr.), Laci Lasicki (jr.), Haley Warner (soph.), Julia Clarke (fresh.).  Carmela Belmone (sr.) will miss the season with an ACL injury.
Team Goals: Win the STAC East division and get back to the Arena for the Section IV Class B championship game.
Last Season: Lost to Oneonta in Section IV Class B Quarterfinal. 

Windsor Black Knights (Class B)
Head Coach: Kelcie Marshall, 1st year (3rd overall)
Key Players: Autumn Helstein (sr.), Cassandra Bellmore (jr.), Claire Beattie (8th grade)
Team Goals: Give our all in every game and practice, go at least .500 this season, and focus on the strengths of each player to increase self-confidence. 
Last Season: Did not qualify for sectionals.