Girls Tennis

2021 STAC Playoffs

Ithaca 6 – Seton 1
Union-Endicott 5 – Susquehanna Valley 2
Ithaca 5 – Union-Endicott 2

2022 STAC Championship
Friday, October 7 at TBD

2021 STAC All-Stars

Singles: Caroline Whelan (Ithaca, sr.); Erica Macapinlac (Corning, sr.); Paula Carrillo (Ithaca, sr.)
Doubles: Jillian Austin/Ella Perry (Corning, sr./sr.); Lila Cryer/Aria Petrella (Ithaca, sr./sr.); Aniqa Tahsin/Ashti Tiwari (Corning, jr./jr.)

Singles: Giada Circenski (Union-Endicott, fresh.); Rachel Rabkin (Vestal, sr.); Samantha Dalmolen (Binghamton, 8th grade); McKenna Seavey (Maine-Endwell, sr.)
Doubles: Kearsten Cook/Brooke Melby Maine-Endwell (soph./sr.); Ava Carlin/Milena Lee, Vestal (sr./sr.)

Singles: Peep Williams (Seton, sr.); Adelie Wilson (Chenango Valley, soph.); Gianna Rullo, Chenango Forks (sr.); Natalie Crowley (Seton, fresh.)
Doubles: Haley Kenney/Emma Stanton (Seton, sr./8th grade); Carly Edwards/Liz Dzuba (Chenango Valley, jr./jr.)

Singles: Hannah Aton (Susquehanna Valley, sr.); Emma Brooks (Norwich, jr.); Caitlin Penny (Susquehanna Valley, jr.); Payton Lloyd (Susquehanna Valley, sr.)
Doubles: Makenna Demoney/Corinne Zarrelli (Susquehanna Valley, sr./jr.); Kaylee Guilfoyle/Carly Lewis (Susquehanna Valley, soph./soph.)

2022 Team Previews:

Corning Hawks (Class A)

Head Coach: Timothy Ball, 19th year
Key Players: Emma Frost (jr.), Aniqa Tahsin (sr.), Ashti Tiwari (sr.), Noelle Paek (sr.)
Team Goals: Get all 24 girls into a top 10 varsity match this season.

Elmira Express (NO TEAM)

Horseheads Blue Raiders (Class A)
Head Coach: Dustin McCullough, 3rd year
Key Players: Jane DeGuire and Miley Darmstadt
Team Goals: Become a more developed and dynamic team.

Ithaca Little Red (Class A)
Head Coach: Helen Evans, 1st year (3rd overall)
Key Players: Marina Okada (fresh.), Fiona Glenn-Keough (jr.), Lily Wang (fresh.), Veronica Zhang (fresh.)
Team Goals: Go all the way to a state championship.  Bring the best to each match and create memories that last a lifetime.

Binghamton Patriots (Class A)
Head Coach: Mary K. Jensen, 13th year (35th overall)
Key Players: Samantha Dolmolen (fresh.), Melanie Layish (sr.), Paige Kopolow (sr.), Isabella DeVincentis (sr.)
Team Goals: Strive to be consistent with our play.  Each student athlete is determined to improve their individual game.  Have fun playing this lifelong sport and represent our families well.

Johnson City Wildcats (Class B)
Head Coach: Ryan Cummings, 1st year (2nd overall)
Team Goals: Minimize the distraction of competition by focusing on the long term goals of player development (physical, technical, tactical, and mental skills).  Find the sport as fun, exciting, and challenging.

Maine-Endwell Spartans (Class B)
Head Coach: Jennifer L’Amoreaux, 1st year
Key Players: Kate Martin (jr.), Grace VanAuken (jr.), Ashley Albertson (soph.), Rachel Dekin (soph.)
Team Goals: Be the best individual player we can be, translating to the strongest team we can be. Maintain a positive attitude and put forth 100% effort at all times.

Union-Endicott Tigers (Class A)
Head Coach: Stephen Tibensky, 4th year (20th overall)
Key Players: Giada Circensi (soph.), Kristin Walton (sr.), Kearsten Cook, Sophia Ruspantini (sr.)
Team Goals: Improve consistency from week one to the last practice.

Vestal Golden Bears (Class B)
Head Coach: Alan Troidl, 12th year (26th overall)
Key Players: Aviva Kaminsky (7th grade), Aashna Ashok (soph.)
Team Goals: Improve our tennis skills and strategy and have fun while doing it.

Chenango Forks Blue Devils (Class C)

Head Coach: Colleen Hanzes, 11th year
Key Players: Norah Mahar (sr.), Reaghan Hughes (jr.), Mari Pourby (jr.)
Team Goals: This will be a rebuilding year, so we will find positions around our key players to help us compete and win some matches.

Chenango Valley Warriors (Class C)
Head Coach: Terry Price, 14th year (36th overall)
Key Players: Adelie Wilson (jr.), Carly Edwards (sr.), Liz Dzuba (sr.), Erin Wales (sr.), Lily Brady (fresh.), Ashland Craig (fresh.)
Team Goals: Improve technical skills within the team.  Win and be successful, but have fun and improve and grow as a team.

Owego Indians (Class B)
Head Coach: Erica Haray, 7th year
Key Players: Rachael Wood (sr.), Zoe Zachary (sr.), Sydney Watson (sr.), Layla Etienne (sr.)
Team Goals: Help facilitate a love of tennis.  Win as many individual matches as possible and get to the NYS Qualifier Tournament.

Seton Catholic Saints (Class A)
Head Coach: Sheila Kenny, 3rd year
Key Players: Natalie Crowley (soph.), Joy Neureter (8th grade), Ann McNair (jr.)
Team Goals: Win the Section IV, Class A championship, along with advancing to states and team tennis.

Norwich Purple Tornado (Class B)

Head Coach: Nicole Brooks, 20th year
Key Players: Emma Brooks (sr.), Willow Swingle (sr.)
Team Goals: Win the STAC East.

Oneonta Yellow Jackets (NO TEAM)

Susquehanna Valley Sabers (Class C)
Head Coach: Amanda Spottek, 4th year
Key Players: Caitlin Penny (sr.), Corinne Zarrelli (sr.)
Team Goals: Defend our Small School Division 1st place finish for Section IV in team sectionals this year.  Get some players to the state qualifiers for individual sectionals.

Windsor Black Knights (Class B)
Head Coach: Mary Jo Townsend-Wardell, 1st year
Key Players: Sophia Chen (jr.), Ash Indelicato (jr.)
Team Goals: We are a very young team, with the goal of skill improvement and growth as both individual and doubles players.