Mattison Roberts.    Ithaca  Unified Basketball

How Long have you been involved in the sport?

Since 2019 - Four years. Unified Basketball is the first time I have been part of an organized sports team. 


What is your favorite part about the Sport?

This is the first opportunity I had to show others that I could be an athlete too. Playing Defense and high fives to my teammates. Being with my friends on the court and hearing people cheer us on. I love the away games and making baskets is the best too! 

Who are some people that have helped you get to this point?

My friend Zola encourages me keep my hands up in defense and my friend John, tells me to "Go Matty" when I'm running. My Mom tells me every day "You can do it Matty, everything is possible with practice!" and Coach Shane always helps me at LACS work on my dribbling and shooting baskets, he's pretty cool. 

A highlight so far this season?

I am looking forward to Senior Night as I am graduating this year. One of my highlights is when I do activities with the YAC; they are so much fun. I hope to make some baskets and run my fastest.

What are you hoping for in the future with this sport? 

I will keep practicing so I get better, and I will play with Special Olympics via Cornell next year. I will come back and cheer on my Unified friends next year too! 

Team Spotlight- What has been a highlight for your TEAM so far this season?

One highlight for our team this year was going into overtime at our Corning game! It was so exciting and our team brought home the win! We were awesome!