Jemma  Andersen      Ithaca  Flag Football

How Long have you been involved in the sport?

   this is my first season 


What is your favorite part about the Sport?

The team, I love all of the girls that I get to play with and I’m sad that this is the only year I’ll get to do it. 


Who are some people that have helped you get to this point?

My parents, they have always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted, included trying a completely new sport that i had never done before

A highlight so far this season?

Being on the same team as my friend Reilly because this is the first time we’ve played the same sport since little red lacrosse 

What are you hoping for in the future with this sport? 

I hoping it continues as a full varsity team and that more school around us start picking it up. 


Team Spotlight- What has been a highlight for your TEAM so far this season?

Getting the first IHS girls flag football win ever