David Guan    Ithaca Tennis

How Long have you been involved in the sport?

My dad started teaching me when I was about 8 years old, and I joined varsity in 9th grade.

What is your favorite part about the Sport?

I love playing doubles, because you get to share the fun with someone else.

Who are some people that have helped you get to this point?

Coach Taylor, Coach Evans, Coach Prokosh, everyone who has helped coach me. My teammates have all played a significant role in supporting me and keeping me excited to play tennis. My dad was the one who started it off for me and I’m very grateful. Eli Simons, my teammate, has also motivated me with our little singles rivalry that has been going on

What are you looking forward to or a highlight so far this season?

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to shoot for team states championships, as our team is very solid this year.

What are you hoping for in the future with this sport? 

I hope I can continue to play and make new friends with this sport.

Team Spotlight- What has been a highlight for your TEAM so far this season?

Winning STAC Championships and remaining undefeated the entire season.