Zoe James.    Ithaca Softball

How Long have you been involved in the sport?

6 Years, 

What is your favorite part about the Sport?

There is no better feeling than stepping up to bat with your entire team cheering behind you. 

Who are some people that have helped you get to this point?

My first ever softball coach, Coach McKeown, and all of the teammates I’ve had along the way. 

 A  highlight so far this season?

My triple in our first game of the season had us off to a great start! 

What are you hoping for in the future with this sport? 

To finish off the season on a high note and keep my friendships with my teammates forever. 

Team Spotlight- What has been a highlight for your TEAM so far this season?

We recently played one of our strongest games against Horseheads and despite the largest setback of the season, we all stepped up to the plate (pun intended) and finished the game strong.