Girls Tennis

2022 STAC Playoffs

Seton 4 – Vestal 3
Ithaca 7 – Susquehanna Valley 0
Seton and Ithaca declared co-champions after darkness halted the match

2022 STAC Division Winners
West: Ithaca
Metro: Vestal
Central: Seton
East: Susquehanna Valley

** 2022 Section IV Team Tennis Division I Champions: Ithaca
** 2022 Section IV Team Tennis Division II Champions: Chenango Valley

** 2022 Section IV Class A Champion: Samantha Dalmolen, Binghamton
** 2022 Section IV Class B Champion: Kate Martin, Maine-Endwell
** 2022 Section IV Class C Champion: Adelie Wilson, Chenango Valley

2022 STAC All-Stars

Samantha Dalmolen (Binghamton, fresh.); Adelie Wilson (Chenango Valley, jr.); Fiona Glenn-Keough (Ithaca, jr.); Marina Okada (Ithaca, fresh.); Kate Martin (Maine-Endwell, jr.); Natalie Crowley (Seton, soph.); Joy Neureuter (Seton, 8th grade); Caitlyn Penny (Susquehanna Valley, sr.); Giada Circensi (Union-Endicott, soph.); Aashna Ashok (Vestal, soph.)


Singles: Emma Frost (Corning, jr.); Fiona Glenn-Keough (Ithaca, jr.); Marina Okada (Ithaca, fresh.)
Doubles: Nadine Kohnke/Emily Song (Corning, soph./sr.); Sophia Myers/Jessica Fang (Corning, jr./soph.); Fiona Hinrichsen/Veronica Liivak (Ithaca, jr./soph.)
Singles: Samantha Dalmolen (Binghamton, fresh.); Kate Martin (Maine-Endwell, jr.); Giada Circensi (Union-Endicott, soph.); Kearsten Cook (Union-Endicott, jr.); Kristin Walton (Union-Endicott, sr.); Aashna Ashok (Vestal, soph.); Aviva Kaminsky (Vestal, 7th grade); Lora Sarkisyan (Vestal, soph.)
Doubles: Madelyn Slocum/Nandham Sudham (Vestal, soph./jr.)
Singles: Reaghan Hughes (Chenango Forks, fresh.); Carly Edwards (Chenango Valley, sr.); Adelie Wilson (Chenango Valley, jr.); Rachael Wood (Owego, sr.); Natalie Crowley (Seton, soph.); Ann McNair (Seton, jr.)
Doubles: Erin Wales/Liz Dzuba (Chenango Valley, sr./sr.); Lucy Atkins/Emma Nagorny (Seton, jr./jr.)
Singles: Emma Brooks (Norwich, sr.); Caitlin Penny (Susquehanna Valley, sr.); Corinne Zarrelli (Susquehanna Valley, sr.)
Doubles: Sophie Dyson/Alayna Nemconsky (Susquehanna Valley, sr./jr.); Giuliana Giammarino/Emma Leighton (Susquehanna Valley, fresh./soph.); Morgan Payne/Rachel Dumian (Susquehanna Valley, sr./fresh.)

2023 STAC Championship
Friday, October 6 at larger enrollment school

2023 Team Previews:

Corning Hawks (Class A)

Head Coach: Timothy Ball, 20th year
Key Players: Sophia Myers (sr.), Jessica Fang (jr.)
Team Goals: Get every player in the top 10 at least once this year while still competing at the highest level.  I want the girls to improve individually, but also as a team.
Last Season: Finished 2nd in STAC West division.

Elmira Express (Class A)
Head Coach: John Cox, 3rd year
Key Players: Elmira did not have a varsity team last year, so everyone is a first-year varsity player.
Team Goals: Have fun, work hard, and learn the game of tennis.  Improve skills day by day, week by week.  It is a very young team, and we are beginning to build a tennis program.
Last Season: Did not field a varsity team.

Horseheads Blue Raiders (Class A)
Head Coach: Dustin McCullough, 4th year
Key Players: Anika Kamaraju (sr.), Miley Darmstadt (sr.), Ava Wing (jr.), Sarah Staats (fresh.)
Team Goals: We have the biggest team we have had in my four seasons. I am excited about the younger players who have come out to learn the game and get better. Hoping to get them prepared for years to come!
Last Season: Finished 3rd in STAC West division.

Ithaca Little Red (Class A)
Head Coach: Helen Evans, 2nd year (4th overall)
Key Players: Luba Kryshchuk (sr.), and Emma Mori (jr.), Lily Wang (soph.), Marina Akada (soph.), Fiona Glenn-Keough (sr.)
Team Goals: Match the IHS boys varsity team record from this past spring by winning the STAC Championship and sending six players to the State Championships.  We have 25 scholar athletes on our roster, and we have a promising number of underclassmen ready to join the line up next year.
Last Season: Won STAC West division.  Defeated Susquehanna Valley in STAC Semi-final.  Declared co-STAC Champions with Seton.  Defeated Seton to win Section IV Division I Team Championship.  Lost to Scarsdale in NYSPHSAA Subregional.  Lily Wang and Fiona Glenn-Keough won Section IV Class B Doubles Championship advanced to Quarterfinal round of NYSPHSAA State Championship.

Binghamton Patriots (Class A)

Head Coach: Mary K. Jensen, 14th year (25+ overall)
Key Players: Samantha Dalmolen (soph.), Tatev Dadian (soph.), Samantha Pratt (fresh.), Mary Grace (soph.)
Team Goals: Challenge other teams with more consistent play and reduce unforced errors.  Enjoy each other’s company as we learn and play this lifelong sport of tennis.
Last Season: Finished 3rd in STAC Metro division.  Samantha Dalmolen won Section IV Class A Singles Championship and advanced to the Quarterfinal round of the NYSPHSAA State Championship.  

Johnson City Wildcats (Class B)
Head Coach: Natalie Pelton, 1st year (5th overall)
Key Players: Reagan Knapp (soph.), Aliya Hankey (fresh.), Emma Phelan (jr.), Juliana Berru-Brown (soph.)
Team Goals: Learn and understand the four main components of tennis: Mental, Physical, Technical, and Tactical. Transfer knowledge into action by demonstrating learned skills in competitive play.  Learn life skills through playing tennis. Actively applying lessons learned in the sport into everyday life.
Last Season: Finished 5th in STAC Metro division.

Maine-Endwell Spartans (Class B)
Head Coach: Jennifer L’Amoreaux, 2nd year
Key Players: Kate Martin (sr.), Grace VanAuken (sr.), Ilona Campbell (soph.), Ashley Albertson (jr.), Rachel Dekin (jr.), Danae Georgiada (jr.), Sophia Giordano (jr.), Colleen Steele (jr.), Regina Snethen (soph.), McKenzie Borgeson (soph.), Anna Fellows (sr.), Nikoleta Anastos (sr.), Sarah Savage (soph.), Madysin Myers (soph.), Juliet Fischtal (soph.), Adalyn Kacynski (soph.), Katie Shields (soph.), Iyana King (soph.), Ada Chamleunsouk (fresh.), Bryna Dwyer (fresh.), Catherine Oakley (fresh.), Alateya Russel (fresh.), Jorja Ziegler (fresh.), Kori Bell (fresh.)
Team Goals: Have success, improve our tennis IQ, have fun, and be a great teammate.  
Last Season: Finished 4th in STAC Metro division.  Kate Martin won Section IV Class B Singles Championship.

Union-Endicott Tigers (Class B)
Head Coach: Stephen Tibensky, 5th year (20th overall)
Key Players: Giada Circensi (jr.), Kearsten Cook (sr.), Melanie Scalcione (jr.), Grace Murphy (sr.), Aubrey Salati (soph.), Stella Diamantakos (fresh.)
Team Goals: Have fun each practice.  Bond with teammates and improve each day.  Never give up in a match.
Last Season: Finished 2nd in STAC Metro division.

Vestal Golden Bears (Class B)
Head Coach: Alan Troidl, 13th year (28th overall)
Key Players: Aviva Kaminsky (8th grade), Aashna Ashok (jr.)
Team Goals: Continual improvement, maximum effort in all practices and matches, and, most importantly, have FUN playing the best sport ever!
Last Season: Won STAC Metro division.  Lost to Seton in STAC Semi-final.  Aviva Kaminsky and Aashna Ashok advanced to the NYSPHSAA Doubles State Championship and lost in the Round of 32.

Chenango Forks Blue Devils (Class C)

Head Coach: Colleen Hanzes, 12th year
Key Players: Reaghan Hughes (soph.)
Team Goals: Play to our best ability and learn new things to make us better players along the way!
Last Season: Finished 3rd in STAC Central division.

Chenango Valley Warriors (Class C)
Head Coach: Terry Price, 13th year (36th overall)
Key Players: Adelie Wilson (sr.), Lily Brady (soph.), Aubrey Staub (sr.), Kaida Warwick (sr.)
Team Goals: Short term, try to improve our offensive strategy.  Long term, hope to win our sectionals class this season. Try to have all players improve and have fun throughout the season.
Last Season: Finished 2nd in STAC Central division.  Defeated Susquehanna Valley to win Section IV Division II Team Championship.  Lost to Byram Hills in NYSPHSAA Subregional. Adelie Wilson won Section IV Class C Singles Championship and lost in the Round of 32 at the NYSPHSAA State Championship. 

Owego River Hawks (Class B)
Head Coach: Erica Haray, 8th year (28th overall)
Key Players: Morgan Carrigg (sr.), Elaina Anschutz (soph.), Mary Wescott (fresh.), Elizabeth Piscitelli (fresh.)
Team Goals: Further develop our players, create strong doubles teams for sectionals, and grow our program.  We have large boys teams, but have recently had more difficulty recruiting girls to play in the fall.  Our modified coach, Coach Maryann VanHouten, is helping to recruit more players into our programs, while also helping to introduce tennis to younger athletes through a tennis enrichment program.  We hope to recruit more girls over the next few seasons as tennis is such an incredible sport to learn at this age.  It’s a lifelong sport, one that they can keep playing recreationally or competitively through USTA leagues, while meeting new friends, and staying active as they age.  I played a lot of sports when I was in school, but tennis is the one I continue to play and will for the rest of my life.  I hope to offer that to as many OACSD students as possible.  Our beautiful, brand new courts will hopefully help increase interest as well.  
Last Season: Finished 4th in STAC Central division.

Seton Catholic Saints (Class A)
Head Coach: Bryce Farrell, 1st year (5th overall)
Key Players: Natalie Crowley (jr.) Joy Neureuter (fresh.), Ann McNair (sr.), Emma Stanton (fresh.), CeCe Knudson (7th grade)
Team Goals: Work on honing in the fundamentals, improving doubles strategy, and having lots of fun!
Last Season: Won STAC Central division.  Defeated Vestal in STAC Semi-final.  Declared co-STAC Champions with Ithaca.  Lost to Ithaca in Section IV Division I Team Championship.  Ann McNair and Emma Stanton won Section IV Class A Doubles Championship.  Natalie Crowley advanced to the NYSPHSAA Singles State Championship and lost in the Round of 32.

Norwich Purple Tornado (Class B)

Head Coach: Nicole Brooks, 5th year (25th year)
Key Players: Addison Jackson (jr.), Leona Tyler (sr.), Isabelle Voss (jr.) Erin Presnell (soph.)
Team Goals: Have a winning record.  We have a young team, but I’m impressed with how quickly they are picking up the sport. Certainly, we want to improve our skills and focus on staying mentally tough throughout our matches.  Another goal is to grow our program.  We have nine players this year thus far and hope to recruit a few more in the next week.
Last Season: Finished 2nd in STAC East division.  Emma Brooks and Willow Swingle won Section IV Class B Doubles Championship and advanced to the Quarterfinal round of the NYSPHSAA State Championship.

Susquehanna Valley Sabers (Class C)
Head Coach: Amanda Spottek, 5th year
Key Players: Carly Lewis (sr.), Kaylea Guilfoyle (sr.), Alyana Nemconsky (sr.), Emma Milasi (sr.), Rachel Dumian (soph.)
Team Goals: Improve our net play as a team, especially in doubles, and improve our quickness to the ball at each position.
Last Season: Won STAC East division.  Lost to Ithaca in STAC Semi-final.  Lost to Chenango Valley in Section IV Division II Team Championship.

Windsor Black Knights (Class C)
Head Coach: Mary Jo Townsend-Wardell, 2nd year
Key Players: Sophia Chen (sr.), Ash Indelicato (sr.), McKenna King (soph.), Hailey Smallacombe (soph.), Evy Cease (soph.), Jaelynn Dailey (soph.)
Team Goals: Continue to develop solid foundational tennis skills with the hope of individual victories throughout the season.
Last Season: Finished 3rd in STAC East division.

* Note: Waverly and Oneonta do not have girls tennis teams this season.