2022 STAC Playoffs

Vestal 2 – Oneonta 1
Corning 2 – Owego 1
Vestal 1 - Corning 0

2022 STAC Division Winners
West: Corning
Metro: Vestal
Central: Owego
East: Oneonta

** 2022 Section IV Class AA Champions: Corning
** 2022 Section IV Class A Champions: Vestal
** 2022 Section IV Class B Champions: Owego

2022 STAC All-Stars

Goalkeeper: Sam Brenen-Buseck (Elmira, jr.); David Ojo (Vestal, sr.)
Defender: Liam Bayne (Corning, sr.); Colton Loeber (Corning, sr.); Shane Heifferon (Elmira, sr.); Taisei Nagayama (Vestal, jr.) 
Midfielder: Carter Rosno (Corning, jr.); Jahmier Klee (Elmira, sr.); Aliou Cisse (Ithaca, sr.); Jael Casimir (Union-Endicott, sr.); Graham Sholett (Vestal, jr.) 
Forward: Nate Freelove (Corning, sr.); Iago Lopez (Ithaca, jr.); Justin Coleman (Maine-Endwell, sr.); Anton Angeline (Vestal, sr.)
Goalkeeper: Alex Balachick (Windsor, sr.)
Defender: Peyton Mackey (Oneonta, sr.); Jack Rollison (Owego, sr.)
Midfielder: Keegan Watson (Chenango Forks, jr.); Jace Riegel (Owego, sr.); Dylan Root (Susquehanna Valley, jr.); Gavin Angelo (Windsor, sr.)
Forward: Andrey Lavrinovich (Chenango Forks, sr.); Aiden Granger (Chenango Valley, jr.); Dakoda Buzzy (Oneonta, sr.); Finlay Oliver (Oneonta, sr.); Vasil Brich (Owego, soph.); Hayden Greene (Windsor, sr.)


Goalkeeper: Caleb Anderson (Corning, jr.)
Defender: Anthony Mendoza (Corning, sr.); Rowan Rosno (Corning, sr.); Anthony Kitching (Elmira, sr.); Ben Church (Horseheads, soph.); Luke VanDeMark (Ithaca, sr.)
Midfielder: Jackson Casey (Corning, sr.); Cody Dale (Horseheads, sr.); Matt Mucci (Horseheads, jr.); Isaac Smith (Ithaca, sr.)
Forward: Aidan Crane (Corning, sr.); Preston Ogunwumi (Corning, sr.); Ashtyn Traugott-Knoll (Elmira, jr.); Kent Schneider (Horseheads, sr.); Nkosinathi Volmink (Ithaca, sr.)

Goalkeeper: Evan Bridges (Maine-Endwell, sr.); Cade Tavares (Union-Endicott, jr.)
Defender: Nico Anastos (Maine-Endwell, sr.); Liam Hyatt (Maine-Endwell, sr.); Mario Moretin (Union-Endicott, soph.); Owen Hatala (Vestal, jr.)
Midfielder: Paul Westbrook (Binghamton, sr.); Jack Colling (Maine-Endwell, sr.); Naim Harizi (Union-Endicott, jr.); Christiano Lozier (Vestal, jr.); David Samarsky (Vestal, soph.)
Forward: Manny Taly (Johnson City, sr.); Stratos Anastos (Maine-Endwell, soph.); Jacob Stento (Union-Endicott, sr.); JJ Williams (Vestal, jr.)
Goalkeeper: Nolan Sirgany (Chenango Forks, soph.); Ben Rollison (Owego, jr.)
Defender: Aiden Argento (Chenango Forks, soph.); Nazar Kovalchuk (Chenango Forks, jr.); Declan Clark (Chenango Valley, fresh.); Noah Fowler (Owego, jr.)
Midfielder: Grayson Clark (Chenango Valley, jr.); Matthew Higgins (Owego, soph.); Kyle Riegel (Owego, sr.); George Phillips (Seton, soph.)
Forward: TJ Testa (Chenango Forks, jr.); Ryan Pryor (Owego, sr.); Zyir VanScoy (Owego, soph.)
Goalkeeper: Makya Morrison (Oneonta, jr.)
Defender: Garrett Seeley (Oneonta, sr.); Nasser Al-Khalidi (Susquehanna Valley, soph.); James O’Dell (Susquehanna Valley, sr.); Jameson MacNamee (Windsor, sr.); Tyler Seinko (Windsor, sr.) 
Midfielder: Evan Gould (Oneonta, sr.); Michael Iannelli (Oneonta, sr.); Jason Miller (Oneonta, soph.); Matthew Rubin (Oneonta, soph.); Mason Karns (Susquehanna Valley, sr.); Austin Agati (Windsor, sr.) 
Forward: Dylan Decker (Windsor, sr.)

2023 STAC Championship
Friday, October 13 at larger enrollment school

2023 Team Previews:

Corning Hawks (Class AAA)
Head Coach: Chad Freelove, 11th year (14th overall)
Key Players: Rohan Amin (jr.), Caleb Anderson (sr.), Jake Kempton (jr.), Alex Large (jr.), Luke Mertus (sr.), Seaver Nellis (jr.), Cam Nguyen (sr.), Carter Rosno (sr.)
Team Goals: Be competitive all season.  Losing a senior class of 11, there are spots up for grabs this fall.  We are looking for our newcomers to acclimate and help push us to our potential.  
Last Season: Won STAC West division.  Defeated Owego in Semi-final, lost to Vestal in STAC Championship.  Defeated Elmira to win Section IV Class AA Championship.  Defeated Warwick in Subregional, lost to Scarsdale in NYSPHSAA Regional Final.

Elmira Express (Class AAA)
Head Coach: Derek Hamilton, 19th year
Key Players: Ashtyn Traugott-Knoll (sr.), Anthony Kitching (jr.), Luca Capilli (soph.), Sam Brenen-Buseck (sr.), Kaelan Brenen-Buseck (soph.)
Team Goals: We have good quality on our side, but are one of the youngest teams in the conference. Our goal as a team is to continually improve our play and chemistry throughout the season. We always want to be playing our best soccer heading into the sectional tournament. We have a group that works hard, but many are unfamiliar with the varsity speed of play. However, we are always organized and play well as a unit.
Last Season: Finished 3rd in STAC West division.  Defeated Ithaca in Semi-final, lost to Corning in Section IV Class AA Championship.

Horseheads Blue Raiders (Class AA)
Head Coach: Mark Mucci, 12th year (18th overall)
Key Players: Matt Mucci (sr.), Ben Church (jr.), Elijah Friend (jr.), Ryan Anderson (sr.), Ismael Nya (sr.), Cody Dale (sr.), Jaret Teeter (sr.), Zach Lese (sr.)
Team Goals: Improve on a daily basis and be better at the end of the season than we were when we started.  Be a tight knit group that gets along and supports each other through thick and thin. Win the Section IV Class AA Championship and have a good showing at States.
Last Season: Finished 4th in STAC West division.  Lost to Vestal in Section IV Class A Semi-final.

Ithaca Little Red (Class AA)
Head Coach: Jonathan Billing, 2nd year (15th overall)
Key Players: Iago Lopez (sr.), Alexandros Lambrou (sr.), Kieran Shulman (sr.), Leonard Levy (jr.)
Team Goals: Grow as a team, play together collaboratively, and take care of each other while focusing on player development.
Last Season: Finished 2nd in STAC West division.  Lost to Elmira in Section IV Class AA Semi-final.

Binghamton Patriots (Class AA)
Head Coach: Zachary Boyko, 1st year
Key Players: Leonardo Zevallos-Ramos (sr.), Giuliano Michitti (sr.), Chris Somers (soph.)
Team Goals: Improve each training session and match.  Win the Mayor’s Cup.
Last Season: Finished 5th in STAC Metro division.  Did not qualify for sectionals.

Johnson City Wildcats (Class A)
Head Coach: Isaiah Hutchko, 2nd year (3rd overall)
Key Players: Michael Akulis (soph.), Owen Johnson (jr.), Vladyslav Hudz (jr.), Troeger Lombardini (jr.), Avery Palumbo (sr.), Micah Penney (sr.), Nick Kabat (sr.)
Team Goals: Continue to develop and grow the boys soccer program at JC into a successful and lasting program. We are working hard to recruit athletes and help them become both great players on the field and influential leaders in their community.
Last Season: Finished 4th in STAC Metro division.  Did not qualify for sectionals.

Maine-Endwell Spartans (Class A)
Head Coach: Beau Brinsko, 8th year (18th overall)
Key Players: Niko Anastos (sr.), Stratos Anastos (sr.), Parker Moses (soph.). Also, many players from last year’s JV STAC Championship team.
Team Goals: Complete for a Class A Championship and the chance to represent Section IV.  
Last Season: Finished 2nd in STAC Metro division.  Defeated Union-Endicott in Semi-final, lost to Vestal in Section IV Class A Championship.

Union-Endicott Tigers (Class AA)
Head Coach: Ted Hudock, 2nd year (22nd overall)
Key Players: Mario Moretin (jr.), Cade Taveres (sr.), Donte Sterling (soph.), Nazim Harizi (sr.), Jacob Bender (sr.)
Team Goals: Qualify for sectionals again and make a run at the Section IV Class AA Championship. It will be difficult with Ithaca, Vestal, and Horseheads in this class, as any of the teams are capable of beating each other on a given day. We have been building the program back (20+ players on Varsity and JV teams) looking to continue to grow and have more success on field.
Last Season: Finished 3rd in STAC Metro division.  Lost to Maine-Endwell in Section IV Class A Semi-final.

Vestal Golden Bears (Class AA)
Head Coach: David Barr, 10th year (30+ overall)
Key Players: Graham Sholett (sr.), Owen Hatala (sr.), Taisei Nagayama (sr.), Cristiano Lozier (sr.)
Team Goals: Work hard and improve as a team each day, while enjoying the game of soccer.  Win the STAC Championship, Section IV Class AA Championship, and have quality postseason play.
Last Season: Won STAC Metro division.  Defeated Oneonta in Semi-final and Corning to win STAC Championship.  Defeated Horseheads in Semi-final and Maine-Endwell to win Section IV Class A Championship.  Lost to Beacon in NYSPHSAA Subregional.

Chenango Forks Blue Devils (Class B)
Head Coach: Jarod McMullen, 15th year (22nd overall)
Key Players: Keegan Watson (sr.), Nazar Kovalchuk (sr.)
Team Goals: Win the Section IV Class B Championship. 
Last Season: Finished 3rd in STAC Central division.  Defeated Lansing in Quarterfinal, lost to Owego in Section IV Class B Semi-final.

Chenango Valley Warriors (Class B)
Head Coach: Ted Hoffman, 5th year
Key Players: Aiden Granger (sr.), Declan Clark (soph.)
Team Goals: Put a competitive team on the field each game and grow as a team.
Last Season: Finished 2nd in STAC Central division.  Lost to Owego in Section IV Class B Quarterfinal.

Owego River Hawks (Class A)
Head Coach: Alessio De Michele, 3rd year (7th overall)
Key Players: Matthew Higgins (jr.), Vasil Brich (jr.), Zyir Van Scoy (jr.), Ben Rollison (sr.)
Team Goals: Win as many games as possible, play the same attacking style as last year, have fun every day, and hopefully go one better after winning sectionals the last two years, but losing to state champion Skaneateles both seasons.
Last Season: Won STAC Central division.  Lost to Corning in STAC Semi-final.  Defeated Chenango Valley in Quarterfinal, Chenango Forks in Semi-final, and Oneonta to win Section IV Class B Championship.  Lost to Skaneateles in NYSPHSAA Regional Final.

Seton Catholic Saints (Class C)
Head Coach: Alex Walsh, 5th year (6th overall)
Key Players: George Phillips (jr.), John Ricci (sr.), Ben Moyer (sr.)
Team Goals: Improve every day and make sectionals.
Last Season: Finished 4th in STAC Central division.  Did not qualify for sectionals.  

Waverly Wolverines (Class B)
Head Coach: Eric Ryck, 6th year
Key Players: Charlie Larrabee (sr.), Griff Schillmoeller (sr.), Sam Knight (sr.)
Team Goals: For our first year in the STAC we want to compete every game, look to make a third straight sectional appearance, and get our first sectional win!
Last Season: Competed in the Interscholastic Athletic Conference (IAC).  Lost to Oneonta in Section IV Class B Quarterfinal.

Oneonta Yellow Jackets (Class B)

Head Coach: Alex Brannan, 36th year
Key Players: Matthew Rubin (jr.), Jason Miller (jr.), Britten Zeh (soph.), Makya Morrison (sr.), Zachary Grygiel (sr.), Brett Holleran (sr.), Alan Michael Rubin (sr.)
Team Goals: Win Section IV Class B, Regional, and another state championship. A little harder when you lose your leading goal scorer, but someone else will have to step up and with the new alignment.
Last Season: Won STAC East division.  Lost to Vestal in STAC Semi-final.  Defeated Waverly in Quarterfinal and Windsor in Semi-final, lost to Owego in Section IV Class B Championship.

Susquehanna Valley Sabers (Class B)
Head Coach: Jay Vimislik, 7th year
Key Players: Dylan Root (sr.)
Team Goals: Improve as a team as each game passes.  Our goal is to make sectionals this year and compete with STAC’s best teams.
Last Season: Finished 3rd in STAC East division.  Did not qualify for sectionals.

Windsor Black Knights (Class B)
Head Coach: Stephen Miller, 5th year (8th overall)
Key Players: Jake Sanson (sr.), Alex Burpee (jr.), Drew Diesel (sr.), Hunter Adornato (sr.), Caeden VanZant (sr.)
Team Goals: Win the Section IV Class B Championship and give athletes the best opportunities on and off the field. Get upperclassman prepared for the next level if they intend on playing college soccer.
Last Season: Finished 2nd in STAC East division.  Defeated Dryden in Quarterfinal, lost to Oneonta in Section IV Class B Semi-final.

* Note: Norwich does not have a varsity soccer team this season, but does have a JV team.